How to get oil out of Clothes

Oil is very difficult to get out of fabric because it is so thick and sticky. How to get oil out of clothes? In one way or the other, you might have mistakenly spilled oil on that beautiful dress of yours and might have thought, oh! It's ruined! Yes, it was ruined at that moment but trust me,...

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The Best Summer Clothes for You

When the weather is getting hotter, it's time to take off all the layers of clothes that you carried during the cold winter days because no one likes to be a sweaty mess! Summer is a time to rewind and relax, and a fundamental question that women often ask is what I should wear? Being so hot outside,...

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Upcoming Trends (summer)

With the arrival of summer 2020, it is time to make room for new and upcoming fashion trends, which are set to inspire the hidden fashionista in all of us. Acquaint yourself with some of the topmost fashionable trends that are here to stay.  Top 5 Trends for 2020 Polka dots The perennial craze of the ’40s is...

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