How to Become an Haute Couture Seamstress

Have you ever caught yourself walking by a high-end store’s window display only to pause, do a doubletake, and think “Wow, that dress is truly remarkable. The details and craftsmanship are phenomenal!” Maybe you’ve spent many moments thumbing through your favorite fashion magazines looking at photos from the latest fashion shows and thinking “I may not have place...

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Everything You Need to Know About Mango Clothing

            Have you ever shopped with Mango, the clothing brand? In case you were wondering, it’s a clothing retailer based out of Barcelona, Spain started by Isak Andic and his family in 1984. Currently, it has 2,100 locations worldwide and an e-commerce site that is globally accessible. In 2017, the companies’ worth was about $2.5 billion. At one...

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